Sanya chauffeur company violations we're driving test students continued: has been ordered to stop

On March 26, a users tweets reflect Sanya Xinlong driving school but received normal fees, extra fee for air conditioning, sun visor, (see the network reported the Sanya chauffeur company can register for a driver's license? Actually driving school Agency). After verification, users reflect the "new Dragon driving school" not Sanya Xinlong driving school, but rather to "motor driver icon services limited liability company Sanya group" commissioned company (hereinafter "group collection"). According to a reporter from new Dragon driving school know, Xinlong driving school assignment changes last year, did not know about the group collection companies exist.
March 28, Sanya, Sanya City Department of transportation removed the groups collection company publicity signage on the driver's license training within the Office, and expressed the groups collection chauffeur company does not meet the requirements of driving training institutions.
new "new Dragon driving school": I wonder if the old new Dragon driving school and group collection
far as we wish to introduce new Dragon driving school Office, Miss, Xinlong now driving in October 2012, altered the legal person, is what veteran Xinlong driving school has been the transfer of ownership. New "new Dragon driving school" took over to now more than more than 100 students enrolled, there are a only partially took account of a test, because the reason took over the driving after a construction site, took the subject exam students is not practical.
Miss Wang said she did not know the existence of a group collection company or cooperation with Group company icon, for old new Dragon driving school and group company she doesn't clear icon.
Group companies: there are a only left
March 28, reporters once again came to the group collection company information, group collection hung on the walls of the Office of the company on the training of driver's license information signage Department of transportation drivers ' training staff, Sanya has been removed. Hui Li, head of the company
Group introduced group collection company with old new Dragon driving school recruitment of students is cooperation, these people are hanging in the old-new Dragon driving school name sent to the DMV system test, then new Dragon driving school and group collection company after transfer interrupted business, complaints before the student is the legacy of new Dragon driving school student.
ask about relations with Xin an school, Miss Wang said she reached a verbal agreement with Xin an school senior, Xin an school, and like similar cooperation with the old new Dragon driving school, so reporters asked Xin an school front desk staff will be "unknown group Hui Xin an school, company and" answer.
at the same time, Office head of the man, who asked not to be named said he was one of the, and told reporters the group collection now aren't cooperating with another driving school, groups collection company's current Office locations just to handle the remnants of old new Dragon driving school before students.
subsequently, the reporter asked about the complaint charging problem of a confusion for the students. Lee said, the company management is very strict for a coach, won't charge, to charge students awning cost of training venues are temporary because there is now hiring, there is no shading. Did not open for students to air conditioning charge air conditioning problem, Li said: "the students you don't ask the coach why charge the air conditioning without air conditioning? "
before the exam to the car rental fees and fuel costs are split the issue to trainees, next man said, because students want to become familiar with the different models, and therefore the rental request, fees by the participants equally.
reporter again asked Miss LI group collection company is qualified in the driving business, Miss LI said: "we have our own training and coaching, students are enrolled in their training, on-site training, and our business is business administration issued qualified business license. "
Department of transportation: Group company does not meet the drivers ' training institutions require
the reporter then came to Sanya City Department of transportation drivers ' training to understand the situation. Department of transportation drivers ' training in Sanya city official told reporters, after seeing the report, drivers ' training in time for the survey found groups collection does not meet the requirements of drivers ' training institutions in Sanya, existence of illegal recruitment cases.
the official said that in group in the morning feast-related information on the training of driver's license suspension by the company logo removed, has ordered group collection ceased to recruit students. Groups collection company has enrolled students, drivers ' training Office will communicate with the driving school to discuss solutions.
the official reminded the need to photocopy of the learner's community, in learning to understand the driving when the car of the list, verify that it is not formal legal school entry point, encounters illegal actions may reflect to the relevant departments, to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.
according to the official, for regulating the activities of motor vehicle driver training organization in Sanya city, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of all parties, Sanya transportation drivers ' training has issued notification specifications driving the registration point, Sanya, Sanya's driving registration points of contact in the future subject to Department of transportation only after examination and record enrollment.
according to the content of the notification requirement, driving schools only in the register of administrative license established points of contact, does not allow cross-administrative set up. In addition, entry points must be regulated formally, indicating the school name, and training programs, registration point obviously requires enrollment, fees, service commitments, shall not set up any false advertising. Also, each application shall not be less than 12 square meters, also need to be equipped with the necessary safety equipment and are not also used for other purposes.
Secretary for Commerce and industry: outside the scope of registration license project will investigate
March 28, reporters at the Sanya City Bureau understands that group collection companies registered business scope business consulting, the driver, agent license, and there are no commissioned service.
group collection is currently beyond the scope of the company, Sanya city industrial and commercial Bureau will use learned information, entered into evidence by, and verified will be dealt with according to law. BACK
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