Drunk driving accidents, who is

On May 1 last year since the implementation of drinking and driving into the penalty, the country's efforts to deal with the more severe drunk driving behavior, significantly curbing drunk driving behavior, but also spawned an offspring emerging service industries--liquor drive. Then, the driver after a traffic accident, how responsibilities will be identified? This reporter conducted a survey.
most people took a wait-and-see attitude for chauffeur services
"when no previous drunk-driving into the penalty, drink driving and I still have chances. After the new rule, drunk driving really make people feel scared. "In he Zhou Lu management business, says Mr Yao, daily entertainment, car is very inconvenient, and fined for drunk driving, rather than hire a chauffeur or invite friends over to help. However, he said the driver "experience", he is willing to ask a friend for help.
interviews, reporters learned that most car owners can do to drive don't drink, drink, don't drive, but most customers take a wait-and-see attitude for chauffeur services. "I'm not used to looking for the driver, because they do not know how their driving skills and personality, a bit concerned about security. Then there is the industry standard, afraid of driver on wild speculation. "Members of the public said Mr LI, drunk driving is drunk drunk driver, however, he found a few times, found that most are verbal agreements," not an accident in case of accident, just worried don't know. "Lee said with a smile, he is now" smart ", if you know the meal a day have to drink, he simply will not drive out. Offspring
wine driving accidents, the owner must incur liability jointly and severally liable
who lives in East Lee told reporters a few days ago, for fear of driving was caught by traffic police, was ordered to pay 50 Yuan, a "black" driver and drove himself home. En route, due to some unfamiliar with the condition, improper handling in the rear-end, motorcyclists struck Liu. After Liu spent thousands of Yuan medical expenses, find LEE asked for compensation, she don't understand is: "clearly not the car I drive, and police departments have decided that a bear full responsibility for the accident, a claim should be, how can I take responsibility? "
liability for driver behaviour issues, on March 20, the reporter learned from the municipal traffic police section, traffic violation liability accident liability and liability. Accident responsibility borne by the driver (apart from being forced, abetting), and drunk that owners have to bear the liability of joint and several liability.
rule of law section, said Zhu Zhengfa, according to the Supreme People's Court on several issues concerning the trial of personal injury compensation cases for legal interpretation of the provisions: "personal damage caused by employees engaged in employment activities, the employer shall be liable; employee's causing damages due to intent or gross negligence, shall bear joint and several liability with employers. Joint and several liability of the employer and employee compensation. "In view of their belonging to the employer-employee relationship, while Zhang was under instructions from Ms Lee, Liu injured driver activities, while Lee had no driving, traffic Police Department found Zhang to take full responsibility for the accident, but Ms LI as owners equally to blame. Only after the responsibility according to a recovery.
view of the driver to take full responsibility for the accident, traffic Police reminded wine offspring drivers, do not listen to owners of some drunken gibberish, drive against traffic regulations. Meanwhile, car owners when choosing a driver, be sure to select the regular chauffeur company, and before the driver, both parties signed an agreement to divide the rights, obligations and responsibilities on both sides and safeguard the interests of both sides was not compromised. BACK
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