Man wine offspring driving crash argues that "I am not drunk"

Taiwan Taichung City 1 name men enthusiastic head, drink generation driving taxi contains with drunk of friends home, way accidentally accident wipe hit 2 car stopped, red of motorcycle, is not caused car loss personnel casualties, but for wine measuring value over standard, news Hou was according to public dangerous crime too sent do, police asked he, knows himself drinking why also to drive, he had back said "because I compared not drunk", was ironic.
Xu Nan for said, night he and Guo Nan to 1 name friends home drinking, guys drink to 11 o'clock Xu, Guo Nan wants to open taxi home, but he see Guo Nan has mud drunk, for he whole late only drink has a sorghum wine, he compared not drunk, volunteered generation open Guo Nan of taxi home, but stopped, red Shi, moment accidentally ahead of started, minor hit ahead of 2 car motorcycle, are blame himself too lightly.
accident Xu Nan wine, the measured value exceeds the standard, in branch for a night, and the next being sent, make use of other more drunk Guo Nan early to go home and rest. BACK
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