Chauffeur service will set up barriers to entry and industry standards

On May 26, "love life, civilized travel-security chauffeur on-the-job training and service standards" project started in Beijing, aims to solve the driver of this emerging industry "without barriers to entry, no oversight, no standards", and so on.
, a project organised by the road safety leading group for job training series, Department of human resources and social security, education and training center, the China Road Transport Association, China Association for road traffic safety and other related guidance. Officials presented at the launching ceremony of the leading group, the project will include on-the-job training, technical support, standard service, information management, content in industry standard 5, to promote the establishment of chauffeur service training system and regulatory measures.
education training centre the Honourable Albert CHAN, the Secretary of the Department of human resources and social security said the chauffeur service continuing development is the most fundamental way to improve the overall professional quality practitioners. Upholding the principle of training first and then post. Through a rigorous, systematic and targeted professional training and lay a solid foundation for specification chauffeur service.
ceremony, the participating departments in Beijing led to the first qualified security chauffeur training on-the-job training certificate was issued.
the Ministry of public security traffic management Bureau statistics through May 1, 2011, "drunk driving into torture" since drunk driving a serious traffic violation has been effectively contained. From May 1 to April 20 last year, public security organs nationwide investigated and dealt with 41.7% per cent decline in the number of drink driving, drinking and driving fell 44.1%. "Drunk-driving into the penalty," also urged the heat driving the rapid development of service industries. According to insiders, chauffeur service to meet the demand of society, on the other hand because there is no matching system of training and supervision measures, many new problems for road traffic safety management. BACK
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