The driver blew market out

2011 "drinking and driving into the penalty," since the implementation of the provisions, the chauffeur market develops in Guangzhou, and known as "the most stringent regulations in the history of" new traffic provides for more than 3 months, the drunk driver market ushered in the high point since last December. Reporter recently found that the driver market, "district" and human rights defenders, such as chaos. For example, see chauffeur cars, car drivers will be higher than previously agreed to price several times while driving away, return trip charge for the drivers, is the owner of long point, to to a waiting charge. Even more serious is because the driver is not signed an agreement with drivers before, cause after a traffic violation by the owner to be punished.
/>-mess like 1 person is hybrid car rental companies and private chauffeur
driver organizations in the city there are mainly three kinds of practitioners, a professional chauffeur company is registered, the second is car rental companies run a chauffeur service, three are individuals or small teams who provide chauffeur service.
the official chauffeur company with 132
according to the data provided by the Bureau of industry and commerce, Guangzhou has the driver of the registered company a total of 132. "Despite" drinking and driving into the penalty "is from 2011, but the driver really booming in Guangzhou, is starting from last December, when the approaching new year, public entertainment, and the" most stringent traffic rules "was going to be implemented in 2013. "A frequent cultural and creative arts district in PA tikk beer business chauffeur driver told reporters. According to the latest regulations, drinking and driving will be deducted 12 points, temporary suspension of driver's license for 6 months and fined 2000 Yuan fine, drunk driving is revoked driver's license, criminal responsibility shall be investigated and 5 years driving test again.
car rental company's drive to be illegal
compared to other practitioners, can provide a lot of driver and the driver of the vehicle rental company has a congenital advantages, so many car rental companies run a chauffeur service. In 2011, the car rental companies driving business has been exposed as illegal. But before journalists visited a number of rental car along the Yan Tang Tianhe, in companies, staff said they could provide chauffeur service. It is understood that in September last year, was the formulation of the Legal Affairs Office, Guangzhou City, Guangzhou passenger car lease management (draft for soliciting opinions) to the public for comments, the draft provides for car rental companies do not provide chauffeur service.
driver "venture" make generation driving
generation driving market expanded also attract has many driver itself "venture", by personal or established generation driving "small workshop" provides generation driving service, in 58 with city and net Guangzhou station, reporter only to "wine offspring driving" for keywords for search, two a website has released of message are over 2000 article, which most for private released of generation driving information.
insiders, told reporters that private chauffeur to flourish, driving companies imagined scenery, "even signed a contract with company driver, he can also pick up without permission. "The number of chauffeur company completes a single driver of business, the driver and the company split.
/> mess 2 things drivers should be in violation but owners hardest PA tikk activist
reporter recently asked a number of claims to be the regular chauffeur company drivers, many drivers admitted that although he signed contracts with companies, provided a notice of accident responsibility, such as after the red light, required motorists to bear all the responsibility and punishment. Drivers and owners in front of the driver, the clear liability agreement must be signed. But a lot of drivers facing drunken passengers, and generally do not give a written agreement, just simple oral explanation. This led to traffic violations, the owner of no evidence that the car is not driving, that penalty is borne by the owner.
Mr Tang met with such a thing, one night in late February due to drinking too much wine, Mr Tang let hotel managers to help a generation of drivers, did not sign any agreement in writing. High speed for speeding vehicles in the North Central, Mr TANG asked the chauffeur company for car want to claim as evidence, chauffeur company has said the car had been destroyed. Because there is no evidence that motorists are not soup himself, Mr Tang might run the risk of driving license demerit points.
like 3 to join
as long as the familiar with the road conditions driving short anyway
reporter chauffeur company website or any other recruitment site to see, c drive, familiar with roads in urban areas and became rigid conditions for recruitment, including General requirements for driving in more than 3 years. Reporter to intends to engaged in part-time generation driving for by, contact has city more than generation driving company, talked about driving age Shi, reporter said himself pass C1 brand only has 2 years, but reporter said daily has driving experience and familiar Guangzhou road Hou, on get has interview opportunities, a name for "elite will" of generation driving company of head Advisory has reporter lived where Hou, will directly invited reporter night "test drive", test drive qualified Hou that has may became part-time generation driving driver.
a few days ago, reporter and then as a passenger Advisory generation drivers are for experienced drivers, PA tikk said to attract more guests near the bar area, "the company's drivers are professionally trained", but when asked by reporters how the training? Other side is not willing to answer. A driver who asked not to be named recalled entering the experience mentioned by the drivers, their only test drive for more than 10 minutes, was hired.
/> mess 4 money "car charging" phenomena
recently, contacted has been involved with chauffeur for more than six months driver Ah man, he revealed the driver's "unspoken rules". Although I have worked is the regular chauffeur company, but the driver gave his feeling that a "disorderly" Word, "first, customer confusion, there are company private; the other is management, driver not drunk guests talking about price, sent to the destination charges may be higher than the price. "Arvin said the charges according to the degree of luxury cars is a very common phenomenon," sometimes seen driving luxury cars of the guests drink too much, some drivers will "go Bo", asked for several times higher than the original price. "
Alvin says, because most of the drivers not to sign a written agreement, violation or incident occurs, it is difficult to hold who is accountable, loss is generally the owner," I personally think that law should be improved against the driver and chauffeur companies should be strengthened by GPS to driver management. "Sent to
Panyu district to recover after Cheng Fei
Xu last week working in Dongguan, a foreign business trip to Guangzhou," that friends drank wine in Panyu, friend of mine called driver, driver to take me back to the hotel, charged me 150, on the grounds that long, need to 50 return charge. "
Mr XU told reporters," before driving away, I just know the driver charges 100 Yuan, I do not know have a return fee, I can't find the driver when you get off the invoice, he also said there is no invoice, on the grounds that he was a private chauffeur. "When Xu travel reimbursement afterwards, only find other invoice instead.
, has owners a will also to received waiting for fee
lived haizhu district of what Mr recently for entertainment find has generation driving service, dinner end Qian, what Mr dialed has one for "Nineth, generation driving" of generation driving company, "they no asked I dinner what when end, on arrangements has staff in downstairs, I, although dinner of place away from I home not far, but driver is received has I 120 block, reason is is Shang dinner end Qian of waiting for time. "It is understood that the" Nineth generation coming "within an hour's driving cost 100 Yuan/times.
City Bureau: generation driving company registered no threshold
City Bureau registered at of related head told reporter, generation driving company registered Shi, will to "other business services" of industry range for registered, currently and no for generation driving company of registered Qian reset license or other registered threshold, also not need any additional of approval, "business sector only on no card business of generation driving company for survey processing, generation driving process in the occurred of any problem, as illegal, and accident, and Theft would have to find the corresponding departments. "The official also said that because the driver was still emerging industry, and not many registered companies, currently there is no driver in Guangzhou Trade Association to industry norms or guidance. Driving
wine offspring: looking for regular driver to sign a written agreement
journalist interviewed a random bit has tried receive chauffeur services in the public, before and after they were on the train, and did not enter into a written agreement with each other, even suspected to be "hole" experience.
Guangdong wide letter June up lawyer firm lawyer Su Donghai think, looking for generation driving Shi first should find formal generation driving company, as put an end to private generation driving driver, "generation driving is different from Yu General friends between of each other shuttle, it is a paid behavior, driver General only as agent of form exists, if process in the occurred accident or illegal, customer first should find company party for consultations, if occurred fine, customer right to to generation driving company for claims. "
Su Donghai proposal before accepting a chauffeur service, the parties should try and chauffeur company to sign a written agreement, such as promise or agreement to avoid accidents, the lack of a clear claim," if necessary, the parties can also preserve evidence by means of photography, so as to avoid accident or violation without evidence. ” BACK
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